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Offering Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Four Seasons Yoga in public and private classes, office visits, retreats and workshops.

Sonya Luz - Taos Yoga Instruction

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About Sonya

My first yoga teacher, Jose Santos, encouraged me to share my dedication and love of yoga. Since 1996 I have been teaching group classes and private lessons in Taos, New Mexico, USA and leading workshops in Central and South America. It is my intention to present the practice in a peaceful and non-judgmental way that helps one tap into their true essence. When we deepen our relationship to ourselves, we deepen our relationship to all living beings and our interconnection to the world we live in. Yoga is transformative, which can be uncomfortable, but most of all, yoga makes us feel good. When we feel good it is easy to treat others with kindness and to be of service in the world.

sonyaandpkjsonyaandannieMy yogic path has led me to Mysore, India again and again, where I have had the privilege to study Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with its founder, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Over the years, his senior student, Annie Pace, has also provided much inspiration and guidance.





december2013-035In 2006 I turned to Iyengar yoga for to address my congenital asymmetries. I study Yoga for Scoliosis with Elise B. Miller and have the honor of assisting her in her teacher training courses at the Iyengar Institute in San Francisco, CA.





img_0376Over the last two decades I have completed nine teacher training courses with Tias Little, who has extensive training in both Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. He also incorporates Hanna Somatics, in-depth anatomy, yoga philosophy, and Buddhism into his teachings.





I specialize in Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis to help myself and others relieve pain and find ease living with scoliosis or other back issues.

Through my extensive studies and yogic experience, I have developed Four Seasons Yoga, which combines precision of alignment with deep, fluid breath and movement. Four Seasons Yoga also employs ayurvedic principles to balance the predominant dosha (ayurvedic constitution) of each season. Into every practice I weave meditation and contemplation.

With deep gratitude and love for all of my teachers, and the teachers who have come before them, I am honored to facilitate your practice, whatever your stage in life, yoga experience, or physical condition may be.

Sonya Luz Hinton Costanza holds an undergraduate degree in Cultural Ecology from UNM, is step-mother to two radiant daughters and lives in Taos, NM with her husband David Costanza. To compliment her yogic studies of healing mind, body and spirit, she is certified to teach meditation through the Sage Institute For Creativity, Consciousness and Environment; has completed a one-year apprenticeship with Herbalist Lucy McCall; a sixteen-week course in ayurveda with Patrick Shaw; and courses in cranial-sacral therapy, muscle energy therapy, and Thai massage.

What others are saying about Sonya:

She’s a true teacher and healer, firm, polite, serious, and very human, not without a sense of humor. Her knowledge of the body’s anatomy and muscles, organs, and their relationships to breath and the whole organism is based on years of practice and study.
– Bill W.

Practicing with Sonya has changed my life over the past 11 years and provided a core base of stability and focus and grounding as things change and evolve all around me. I heartily recommend yoga with Sonya.
– Kevin R.

Words can’t really describe how delicious I find your class. It is more a guided meditation, a remembering of truth, a focusing. I never fail to feel gratitude for your teaching.
– Robin Z.

Sonya Luz is a knowledgeable, inspired and caring teacher who has helped me greatly with my chronic back and neck issues. I have been practicing with Sonya for two years, in group classes and private lessons. I am 59 years old and suffer from idiopathic scoliosis and a herniated disk in my neck. Sonya has helped me to not only work within my limitations but also, where possible, to grow beyond them without fear. She brings to her teaching a keen understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as deep insights into meditation and spirituality. Practicing with Sonya has helped me to become physically stronger, emotionally calmer and more focused.
– Teresa E.

Sonya has always been supportive of me as a student and budding teacher. Classes and instruction are accessible and she is always patient and encouraging. Her understanding of the human body is deep and she clearly understands what is happening in asana practice. Classes are safe and I trust her completely.
– Liz F.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and have had many teachers. Sonya is one of the best. She is highly experienced and her knowledge of yoga and the body is deep. I came to her class with a wrist injury and she was able to help me modify my practice safely.
– Allison C.

I love Sonya’s classes. An indispensable part of my week. So grounded, wise and deep are her sequences. Four Seasons yoga is unlike anything else I have come across in my 15 years of practicing.
– Alyssa N.

Private and Group Classes

Morada Lane Yoga Studio (218 Morada Ln, Taos, NM)

Class Schedule

8:00 – 10:00 AM Open Studio/Self Practice

8:00 – 9:30 AM Four Seasons Yoga w/ Sonya

Monday thru Friday
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM Private instruction by appointment

Shree Yoga Taos
(112 Camino de  la Placita, Taos NM)

Class Schedule

9:30-11:00 AM Back Care Basics w/Sonya

5:30 – 7:00 PM Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis w/ Sonya

9:30 – 11:00 AM Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis w/ Sonya



Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Mysore Style: Individual guidance from the instructor to help design a self-practice appropriate for your level and unique circumstance.

Four Seasons Yoga: Deep, fluid breath and movement combined with precise alignment to balance the activities, climate and predominant dosha of each season; inspired by Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, and Ayurveda.

Back Care Basics: Lengthen, strengthen, and restore. For students new to yoga who have scoliosis, are recovering from injury, or with limited mobility, to manage pain, increase awareness, and deeply relax.

Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis: Catered to practitioners with an asymmetry of the spine or other back issue, to lengthen, strengthen, and restore.

Open Studio/Self Practice: A quiet space dedicated to yoga and meditation for practitioners to work on their personal practice with like-minded individuals.

Morada Lane Yoga Studio Prices

Drop-In- $14
4 classes within 40 days- $44
Open Studio/Self Practice- $3 – 5
Monthly Membership- $85
Private Instruction w/ Sonya- $65/ hour, $200/ four one-hour sessions, $225/ three 1.5 hour sessions
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Trade, payment plans, or sliding scale can be arranged.

Morada Lane Yoga Studio Parking

For group classes please park at the Mabel Dodge Luhan Retreat Center, just past the yoga studio at the end of the road, and walk back to the studio, which takes about three minutes.

For private classes you may park at 218 Morada Lane.

Enter through the gate with the star on it. The path will take you to the yoga studio on the left side of the building.

Authentic cultural travel broadens horizons and enriches the spirit, affording a deeper understanding of the world in which we live.

Peruvian Cultural Journey and Yoga Retreat 2019
Sacred Valley of the Incas June 2 - 10 ~OR~ June 23 - July 1
Lake Titicaca Taquile Island June 11 - 14

Click on the “magazine” below to view a sample itinerary from last year’s Sacred Valley of the Incas trip. The 2019 itinerary will be posted soon. 

In 2019 we will be offering two tours through the Sacred Valley of the Incas with a trip to the Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca in between. You can choose to join either of the Sacred Valley tours, and add the Titicaca excursion if you’d like to extend your Andean adventure to one of the highest lakes in the world. We invite you to deepen your yoga practice while experiencing this rare opportunity of authentic social interaction, personal comfort and cultural participation.

Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour
This Andean cultural journey combined with a yoga retreat sets the stage for a profound cultural and personal experience. Based out of the Pisac Inn in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the woven itinerary, accommodations, and meals celebrate the Andean perspective. Your participation directly supports sustainable efforts to preserve traditional Andean culture.

Exchanging coca leaves in Amaru to set the intention for the day’s activities

Admire sacred archaeological sites, colorful markets, breathtaking scenery, and delve into the rich culture of the Quechua Indians, the Inca descendants, in a very personal relationship with the land, the people, and their customs. Among the highlights of the trip are visits to Cusco, capital of the vast Inca State, known as the navel of the ancestral world, and, of course, a day of marveling at Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world. One event that makes the trip truly unique is a visit to the traditional highland community of Amaru, where we will participate in their communal workday, share a meal, enjoy weaving demonstrations, music and dancing – a cultural exchange that deepens the appreciation of Quechua history and social life.

Working up an appetite in Amaru before the afternoon festivities


Lake Titicaca and Taquile Island Tour
En route to and from Puno, our launch pad to the island, we will enjoy incredible vistas and archeological sights. After one night in Puno we’ll be on our way to Sacred Lake Titicaca, considered in Andean mythology as the lake of origin, where the water and sky meet and melt into a common magnificent blue. We’ll visit the unique people still living like thousands of years ago on the only floating reed island in the world, Uros. Upon arrival in Taquile we’ll walk along the beautiful stone pathways to the plaza, and continue on to the west side of the island for restorative yoga, and peacefully watch the sunset reflected in the calm mirror like waters. On Taquile guests are accommodated in the homes of the residents, which provides for, yet another, opportunity for social interaction and cultural exchange.


For a complete itinerary of both tours visit

Throughout our travels the yoga sessions will allow time for reflection and integration of our incredible experiences, but if you or your travel companion do not practice yoga, you can still join the tour and use the yoga time to spend at your leisure. The daily yoga practice can range from an invigorating vinyasa sequence, to a restorative Iyengar-inspired session, depending on the other activities of the day, and the needs of the group.


Roman Vizcarra, our guide


Cultural Tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas Price: The price includes accommodations, delicious meals, yoga classes, guidance through and entrance to archaeological sites, private tour van, and train to and from Machu Picchu. Not included in the price is: airfare, airport taxes, travel insurance, gratuities, meals eaten out, and other personal expenses.

June 2 – 10 ~OR~ June 23 – July 1, 2019
Full price: $2, 660
Early bird: $2,450 (before December 1, 2018)

$900 deposit required to reserve your spot, which is not refundable after March 1, 2019. Before March 1 deposits can be refunded less a $400 registration fee. Full payment is required by April 1, 2019.

Prices are based on double occupancy. For single occupancy, add an additional $250.

Lake Titicaca Taquile Island Price: The price includes accommodations, delicious meals, yoga classes, guidance through and entrance to archaeological sites, private tour van, and boat to and from Taquile Island. Not included in the price is: airfare, airport taxes, travel insurance, gratuities, meals eaten out, and other personal expenses.

June 11 – 14, 2019
Full price: $1,198
Early bird: $1,105 (before December 1, 2018)

$500 deposit required to reserve your spot, which is not refundable after March 1, 2019. Before March 1 deposits can be refunded less a $300 registration fee. Full payment is required by April 1, 2019.

Prices are based on double occupancy. Single occupancy is not available on this portion.

For more information and registration contact Sonya: or 575-758-8007

Relax at the Unucha Spa after a day of adventure

Visit Pisac Inn for more information about accommodation, and Peru Cultural Journeys for more information about your hosts, Fielding Wood-Vizcarra and Roman Vizcarra.

I hope you can join us on this extraordinary encounter!

The state of open illumination (yoga) is preceded by faith, strength, mindfulness, absorption and deep insight.

Yoga Sutras 1.20

Good News Extra

I have teamed up with Good News Extra, a new podcast that brings you Good News for a Good Planet plus a little EXTRA, like an audio segment featuring guided yoga instruction for a five minute yoga break from your busy day.

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