DIY Toothpaste Recipe

In my quest to further reduce plastic in my life and the world, since toothpaste tubes are neither re-usable nor recyclable, I found this DIY toothpaste recipe on the Red and Honey website. I chose this recipe from all the hundreds of…

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So thankful for all the yogis who have passed through the door of the Morada Lane Yoga Studio since it opened on January 7, 2006. Without students, I am not a teacher. Without being a teacher, I am not a…

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Pitta Balancing Yoga

We each have our own, unique ayurvedic* constitution, yet in the summertime we collectively experience an increase in the pitta dosha. Pitta is fire and water; energized and fluid, adventurous and mobile, ambitious and focused. When pitta is out of…

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Embracing Autumn

  Hello Yoga Friends,  Autumn has certainly arrived, and how beautiful and bountiful it is. The last hurrah before we bundle up for winter. This changing-over time is associated with the vata dosha (air/ether constitution) in Ayurvedic terms. Although we…

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