108 Sun Salutations for the Kusi Kawsay School in Pisac, Peru

heading (810x324)1Kusi Kawsay means Happy Life in Quechua. Please sponsor my 108 Sun Salutations on December 21 to contribute to the happy life of 90 school children in Peru, while supporting the global movement towards cultural diversity and ecological integrity. This Andean leadership school provides a holistic and affirming education to economically challenged children from Pisac and surrounding areas. The students learn life skills and tools to navigate the modern world, along with ancestral wisdom and practices tied to the Andean Agrarian Calendar, gaining a deep sense of pride and connection to all living things.

Have a look at my home-made video……

mattdayka-20121024-_MG_2512Some of the children walk two hours to get to and from school. There, they learn that their world views and family traditions hold a valuable place in these rapidly changing times; in most Peruvian public schools, children are  discouraged from speaking their native tongue, told that the ways of their ancestors are obsolete, and that they must assimilate to the mono-culture. I wish every child had the opportunity at an empowering education that teaches critical thinking and leadership skills, like the kids do at Kusi Kawsay. With your help, more children can.

nicol ragland2Kusi Kawsay has room to grow, and is a model for other indigenous communities who’ve started schools in Peru. The Kusi Kawsay school is accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Education and recognized by UNESCO, but relies on funding from individual donations and foundation grants. My goal is to raise $10,000 in this campaign. This is just 5% of the 2014 operating expenses, but every bit helps tremendously! ANY amount you are able to contribute is appreciated. 90% of the students come from families with so little income, they can’t afford a sliding scale fee of even $7-$20 per month for tuition. Your donation provides an entire system of support and connection to a community for the student and their family.

All donations are tax-deductible through Pachamama’s Path 501(c)(3). Donations can be made here through PayPal, or with a check made out to Pachamama’s Path, through Sonya: 575-758-8007, yoga@sonyaluz.com.

Suggested donations:

Sponsor each sun salutation with 10 cents to contribute a total of $10.08

Sponsor each sun salutation with 25 cents to contribute a total of $27. 

Donate $5o or more and receive a Kusi Kawsay t-shirt (see images below). 

Sponsor each sun salutation with 50 cents to contribute a total of $54.

Sponsor each sun salutation with $1.00 to contribute a total of $108.

Sponsor each sun salutation with $5.00 to contribute a total of $540.

Sponsor each sun salutation with $10.00 to contribute a total of $1080.

Donate $1622.00 to provide a scholarship to one student for an entire year. 

Breakfast at the Pisac Inn

Breakfast awaits you at the Pisac Inn

Sponsor the sun salutations with a total of $10,000.00 and receive four days and nights and three gourmet meals a day for two people at the Pisac Inn in Pisac, Peru, plus a tour of the Kusi Kawsay School and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Airfare not included.

Whether you can make a financial donation or not, all are welcome to participate in the event on Saturday, December 21 at Shree Yoga Taos 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM. Come by and join me in a few or all of the sun salutations, or enjoy some refreshments and cheer us on!

Anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a Kusi Kawsay T-shirt.

sonya-shirtChoose from
men’s/unisex long-sleeve crew in navy,
men’s/unisex short-sleeve crew in midnight (deep purple/blue),
or women’s scoop-neck organic cotton T in earth green.

Urpillay sonqollay ~ Heartfelt thanks for your support!

Many thanks to those who made this campaign possible: Natalie Carlton, Michael Lucio Sternbach, Melissa Haye-Cserhat, Peter Walker, Sarah Hart, Jim Cline, Matt Dayka, Nicol Ragland, Monte Amador, David Costanza, Ann Beckham, Fielding Wood de Vizcarra, and everyone at Kusi Kawsay.



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